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I am working with a 10 year old boy who is autistic. His goals are manageable for me with the exception of one.. he is hitting his younger brothers but obviously I don't see this when I am working with him. He just had a recent eval done. The goal is: "blank will improve pragmatic skills by using appropriate verbal language to resolve conflicts with no yelling 4/5 times etc.. Well as I never see these behaviors I can "talk" to him about this till I am blue in the face. Any ideas? Family doesn't have internet so can't show him anything that might be appropriate on YouTube regarding inappropriate behaviors.  One thing is good though whenever I see him and ask how he has behaved since I last saw him - he will say good/bad and/or that he did hit his brothers. It's normally done when his younger brothers take his stuff etc. I just don't know how to help him in this area. Any advice appreciated. I'm an SLPA..

Feel incompetent

Hello,, I am an SLPA and work in home health primarily. I have a client who has Down Syndrome, she wears braces, has tongue protrusion and a lateral lisp. My goal is to work on her production of fricatives. I have worked with client since August and have made little progress. I feel such a failure. I have used Secord's book on elicitation techniques but client is very reluctant to work on tongue positioning. Have tools such as Webbers artic drill book, articulation pro. I give family homework to work on her sounds but honestly she is to the unfamiliar person very unintelligible. The family to be honest are lovely but don't do much with her outside of what I do. Can anyone give me any advice? I just don't know what else to do. 

Advice regarding pursuing SLP career

Okay folks..I am in my late 40s and looking at a career change. Have degree in non-related field. My gpa is 3.58. i have experience with developmentally challenged adults and kids w/autism and other disorders. No matter which degree I pursue post bacc or masters I will need to work and need financial aid. What I am currently doing is starting in summer pursuing 2nd bachelors degree in slp thru Utah State. Need 12 classes. I am looking at graduating next August with this degree, going back to UK (just for vacation) for 2-3 months and then returning to work as SLPA for year or so and then going to grad school. But I then sometimes ask myself why take 12 classes when some unis only require say 5 or 7 classes and then you can go in to their grad program? One example is UTD which only requires 5 classes. I can move anywhere by the way. So any advice anyone as to what you would do and give me different perspectives. I do know when in grad school it is hard to work but I would need to work somewhere for at least 20 or so hours minimum...Right now I work in a call center of all things but at least it's a job...Thank you for any advice..



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